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Glow Plug Cards

GPD-3.1 Description


CUCV Glow Plug Controller Board

The GPD-3.1 Glow Plug controller board will perform all of the functions of the original factory

board. In addition, it will provide features not found on the original boards.

The GPD-3.1 board has 3 LED indicator lights that indicate the following:

GREEN LED This is on when the board has power applied to it via the ignition key. If this LED is not on then the board is either not receiving power from the vehicle or the fuse on the board is open.

AMBER LED This is on when the vehicle WAIT light is to be on. As a user option, this LED and the dash board WAIT light will be on in a steady or flashing mode depending on the position of jumper PL1.

RED LED This is on when the card is sending the ground command to close the glow plug relay. When the LED is on, the glow plug relay should be closed.

User Selectable Flashing or Steady WAIT light indicator – Jumper PL1

Jumper plug PL1 (located in the lower right corner) can be set to provide a steady or flashing WAIT light indicator. Placing the removable jumper connector on the lower and middle pins marked F, the WAIT light indicator will flash during the wait time. Moving the jumper to the middle and upper pins

marked S will change the WAIT light to a steady on during the wait time.

User Selectable Additional GP Heat Time – Jumper PL2

Jumper plug PL2 (located in the lower left corner) selects normal card operation in position A.

Placing the jumper in position B turns the GP’s on (at start up) to help warm or hot engines that experience hard to start issues. It is a good idea to turn the key to the run position and wait a few seconds before attempting to start the engine when using this option. The Wait light may or may not come on depending on the engine temperature.

Using the B setting may possibly shorten the life of the glow plugs.